Be fearless

Be fearless

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    July 07, 2016
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About Project:

Samsung’s #BeFearless campaign, created by Cheil Worldwide, seeks to empower young people to face their inner fears with the help of the immersive experience of virtual reality using Samsung Gear VR headset.

The participants for the #BeFearless campaign were chosen from 7,500 applicants from Germany, Austria, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and the United Arab Emirates. They underwent four weeks of VR training to fight their fears of heights and public speaking. Later on, they faced their fears in real live situations, showing dramatic improvement.

Part of the campaign involves individual stories:

Salminaz is facing different social situations that make her feel uncomfortable – talking with strangers and in front of public.

Muhammad is an aspiring pilot, whose fear of height stand on the way of pursuing a dream.

Sasha, who is a development manager is the only one who can’t enjoy a beautiful view outside of her office.

Marco Vocale, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Gulf Electronics said;

We have been overwhelmed by the fantastic response we’ve had from young people to the #BeFearless program. It has been an incredibly moving experience to see these individuals face what scares them the most and persevere, to go beyond what they believed they were capable of.

#BeFearless is a part of Samsung’s Launching People campaign, in a search for innovative ideas that can demonstrate how powerful technology can be when it comes to solving real challenges that society faces.

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