Bring your words to life

Bring your words to life

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    June 06, 2016
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About Project:

How do you take video messaging mainstream? Your Majesty and Wordeo teamed up to create an app that makes it fun and impulsive, leveraging Getty Images’ extensive HD video library to create customizable visual messages.

The inventors of Wordeo approached us with the idea and asked if we could help them make it a reality. A partnership was quickly formed and we collaborated closely to bring the concept to life.

Our work extended through every aspect of the final product, including the design of the brand ID, a clean UX and UI, and the development of a scalable server architecture that could process user-inputted text and a huge HD video library to deliver a unique HD video message in under 10 seconds.

Wordeo launched in January 2014 and immediately caught the attention of the international press, including TechCrunch, Engadget, Digital Spy, Yahoo! News UK, Business Insider, and countless others.


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